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Math Eggs



Math Eggs is a great game that lets children practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division while having fun.

Toss out those traditional paper-and- pencil tasks for some iPod & iPhone fun which is much more motivating for your children.

Kids will help a cute hen collect the hatching eggs with the correct answers to math questions. By doing so, the hen will be able to gather all of her youngsters on time for their family escape from the farm to the city.

The game has ten levels with progressively faster speeds; it requires math skills and a fast hand. Each level requires collecting five correct eggs, and when all levels are successfully completed, the child is rewarded with a different kid-friendly joke.

Math Eggs is designed for both iPhone and iPod. Depending on your hardware, you can either move the hen left or right by tilting your device or by pressing the screen left or right. It’s really fun and easy to play.

Ideal for kids between the ages 4 to 10. They will learn while having fun. Get Math Eggs now.