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Color Games- learning is fun

Use your imagination to color wonderful images online. Play and print them out when you are done. You can also color them by hand if you print them first. We have animals, toys, landscapes and more. Coloring is a fun way to teach kids about drawing, art, coloring inside the lines, and using colors to create a nice picture. Coloring also brings about creativity at an early age, allowing your child’s mind to travel to new places and explore new concepts.

Coloring Book Color 24 Animals

This coloring book game has 24 friendly animals and toys that kids can select to color on their computers, iPads, Android tablets or Kindle tablets, or their parents’ mobile phones. The game starts with the front page and play button. A selection of animals and toys appears showing 6 coloring options per page and navigation buttons to move between pages. After clicking on the animal you want to color, the animal will appear on the screen and the pen size will appear on the left and colors on the right. Kids have a rage of colors which they can choose from, and different pen thicknesses. After kids color their animal, they can print their work to show to their parents.